Animation Reel

Stop-motion, 2D, 3D animation, set design, compositing, and editing.

Custom Coozie Brand

Been using my isolation at home to build a shop and brand for my crochet and embroidered coozies. 

Check out "Croozie" on Etsy.

Building Blocks

Series of animations reflecting on childhood play and the ways it manifests in our adult work.

Il Makiage: Be Wild

School assignment to rebrand

a makeup company. 

Fall Out Boy Music Video

Set design and production for Fall Out Boy's Bob Dylan.


Cards From Quarantine

Since March I've graduated college, turned 23 and moved in with my two best friends. These personalized cards are my attempt to celebrate and cherish these moments despite the pandemic.

I'm Emily Kreusch, a Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Animator based in Brooklyn, NY.  In this primarily digital world, I strive to utilize my hands and incorporate a range of mediums, textures and techniques, giving my designs an inviting warmth that tell a story beyond the screen. I recently graduated from Pratt Institute with Honors in Communications Design: Graphic Design.

You can email her here

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check out her resume here

and purchase a crochet coozie here

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